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Foods That Help Prevent Bruising

Once I turned age 60, I decided to retire from my long-time career and focus on personal photography. After being a photographer for years, I began to discover unexplained bruises. They were mostly located on my arms and legs. At first, I thought that hauling my heavy photography equipment around on a regular basis may have been the cause of the bruising; surely I had knocked my camera bag into my legs a time or two, and perhaps I had accidentally swung my camera into my arms on various occasions as well.

At that point, I decided to be more careful with the way I handled my camera equipment. Weeks later, when I was still beginning to notice bruises on my arms and legs, I decided that it was time to see a doctor. After all, I had done some research online and read that unexplained bruises could be caused by certain diseases and forms of cancer; this, as you can imagine, made me extremely nervous.

Fortunately, a trip to my doctor and some simple tests cleared me of the possibility of cancer and other major diseases that could cause the unexplained bruising. When that was ruled out, my doctor speculated that my bruising was most likely the result of vitamin deficiency in my diet. This made sense to me, as I knew I had not been doing as much as I probably should have to reach my daily recommended vitamin intake.

After my visit to the doctor, I knew that I needed to find a way to incorporate more vitamin C and vitamin K into my diet. These, I learned, are the two main vitamins responsible for not only healing existing bruises, but preventing new ones from coming back. My doctor told me that the best three foods to eat for increasing vitamin K and C intake were blueberries, cabbage, and watercress. All three of these foods are rich in vitamins. Blueberries are specifically great for vitamin C, while watercress is wonderful for both vitamins C and K. Cabbage, on the other hand, contains harmless bacteria that helps the body synthesize vitamin K to prevent bruising.

Ever since I began incorporating these foods into my diet, I have been pleased to find that my bruises have healed themselves and a significantly smaller number of new bruises has emerged. I plan on continuing my intake of these foods as often as possible, though I think it has also been helpful for me to keep vitamin supplements on hand at all times for days when my access to these foods is limited.