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Healing Asthma the Natural Way

You know what I don’t really like about spring? It is the annual release of pollen by all types of trees, grasses, shrubs and almost all the members of the plant family while we’re at it. I profess my annoyance to them with every wheezing breath I perform during the times that I have the unlucky chance of inhaling them.

Spring is the time when all manner of plant life shoots out pollen to perpetuate their ilk. I know it is generally a good thing, as we cannot live in this world without plants and pollen alike, but they sometimes do harm, especially to people like me who are allergic to them. It is quite a miracle for me to have flourished with my job, as both a nature photographer and bird lover alike, that I am still here, even with my aversion to anything pollen.

I start preparing for it in late winter when the ice begins its journey to become water again, and the trees start to show their sturdy barks. I load up on my very diverse regimen of anti-allergy home remedies for asthma to somehow build my resistance to the soon to be awoken airborne allergens.  You can find out more about home remedies for asthma on this website.

I have spent many years on prescription drugs and synthetic medicines to fight this condition, though only a mild form of asthma according to my doctors, I have become too dependent on these man-made marvels of medicine to cure my illness. It is only these past few years that I intentionally thought of facing the problem in a more natural way. With research, I discovered the potency of several food items with regards to their asthma fighting capabilities and also their efficacy in strengthening the body’s natural resistance to sickness.

For the incessant coughing and fluid in lungs that is caused by asthma, I have my trusty black pepper tea infused with honey and lemon that, when consumed regularly, also relieves clogged sinuses. Then there also are the things around the kitchen which are nondescript, but definitely reliable forms of natural remedy for asthma like chili peppers, onions and peppermint extracts, all of which contains, in varying degrees, anti-inflammatory properties that works well against the constriction of a person’s airways and also thins out the mucus produced during asthma attacks.

The caffeine in coffee has a bronchi-dilating effect on asthma sufferers, meaning it loosens up the constricted respiratory passages with the effect of enabling one to breathe much more freely. Other common beverages which are good against asthma are orange juices with their accompanying vitamin C, and yoghurt that contains vitamin B12 which can alleviate several symptoms of asthma.

All in all, these food items are great in fighting off and preventing the symptoms of asthma for me. Who would have known that they were this good against my illness? I definitely am very thankful, that I have made the change into natural forms of medicines. Gone are the days when I feel sleepy and dizzy from all the pills and capsules that I had to consume, and even now, I feel very energetic coming off winter as is opposed to back then, when I generally feel fear when winter is about to end. I would recommend these and other kinds of natural treatment to all asthma sufferers out there. If it worked wonders for me, it will also do so to you. It is time to make your change.

Having Skin Tears is a Very Painful Thing

After asthma, the thing I am most worried about regarding my health, are skin tears. At the age I am already in, skin tears are very prevalent and common that even the simple bumping into any inanimate objects can cause them. Even scratching itchy bumps like my pimples under the skin, for more about it click here, which are also common to anyone past a certain age, and also not a good idea to scratch at, can become a dangerous precedence for a skin tear to form.

Skin tears are defined as distressing injuries which results in the separation of the skin from several layers, and is oftentimes caused by friction, shearing and direct trauma to it, causing separation between the dermis and its underlying structures. Skin tears are common for both the elderly and infants, who both have fragile skin that are easily broken, and can occur in any place of the body, but are observed to be more usual to the hands and other extremities.

Those two words, when put together can usher you into a world of terrible pain, believe me as I had the chance to experience it firsthand. It happened last summer, while I was readying up to go take my daily walks around the nearby park, and was so unexpected, that I had to see the blood drip before realizing I had the injury.

I was holding my jug on my left hand and my camera on the other, as I was planning to take pictures of an unfamiliar bird that I saw yesterday, flying around in the trees in the park. Having no freehand available to keep the door ajar, I used my forehand to gently push it open. It kind of felt like my arm was stuck with glue to the door, and as I try to remove it, I felt a wet feeling in the area. I did not really mind it and just went on my way, only to be stopped by my next door neighbor who was watering his lawn at the time. He was pointing wide eyed at my arm and almost screaming my name. And then I saw it, and I immediately felt light headed from so much blood.

I was diagnosed with a Category 1 skin tear by the doctor, meaning it is of the linear type and also does not include any tissue loss, but boy was it a big wound. I expected it to be sewn up or something but the doctor did not do it. He instead applied tissue glue in between the two flaps of skin, and covered the area with a sort of fiber dressing that contains anti-microbial agents. Tubular bandages were then placed on either end of the dressing for support, and also to make sure that the bandage remains in place.

You can still see the remnants of the wound on my forearm today, and it serves as a reminder for me that I need to be careful all the time. Now I always aim to moisturize my skin daily through the use of the lotion prescribed by the doctor. I also take in several nutritional supplements, to help maintain the elasticity of my skin and to lessen the risk of it breaking. Believe me you do not want to experience what I have gone through that time.

Typical Signs of Pregnancy

Let me tell you a little story. Back in my days, the only way a woman can truly tell if she is really pregnant, is when her tummy was bulging, and is exhibiting several remarkable things, that only women who are pregnant typically displays. Yep that was all that is really needed, for one to be sure. No flimflams or hoo-has about it, they just waited for it to show. Now, if that bulge is caused by some other factors, or is even a kind of sickness, then they had a problem.

Today, Science removes all the guesswork and makes it possible to be really sure about pregnancy. From pregnancy test kits, that is very handy and does not need any kind of formal education to use, to the many kinds of Implantation Calculator, like this one here, that, more or less, even lets you know the exact day when your baby was originally created, and began its life on your womb. There are even ultrasounds today that tells you what the sex of your baby is, and even what your child looks like just by rubbing it against your belly and stuff. Oh how wonderful the things that science has given to us.

But the old adages pertaining to pregnancy still resonates today. What was called as” being pregnant” back then is now scientifically defined as “signs of implantation”, a more formal phrase, but is truly also the same thing. These typical symptoms of pregnancy are universal, and manifest it every time, and no matter what the situation is, they will occur.

Signs of Implantation examples are several things, first is the breast changes that occur when one is pregnant. The breast undergoes an expansion of sorts, and becomes sore and tender to the touch, they may even feel heavier and fuller, mainly because of the various hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

Another example of being pregnant is the onset of morning sickness, or the nausea that women suffer from when they are already expecting. Hormonal changes in the woman’s body are also responsible for this, and usually occur during the thirteenth to fourteenth week of pregnancy.

Other signs of pregnancy are the spotting or cramping that almost all women experience, when an egg is successfully fertilized in her womb. Fatigue also seems to always occur to pregnant people, due to the high level of progesterone that is being produced by her body. The frequent urination of a woman, coupled with dizziness, headaches and mood swings can also be attributed as a sign of pregnancy. And who would debate that the stopping of the monthly period, relates directly to a woman’s being pregnant?

All these things and more, point directly to a woman being pregnant, and it is such a thing of beauty, what pregnancy is. So if you are a woman, and you experience several, or all of the symptoms described here, chances are high that you are pregnant, and it is advised of you to have yourself checked, to make sure that the welfare of both you and the child you are carrying is taken cared of.

Fleeting Time

Time goes by really fast, especially when one is having fun and is around loved ones. Yep that’s a very popular cliché, but also a very true one. Do you ever notice, that when you are around people that you don’t like, time seems to stretch itself out, and a simple hour seems to last for several, but when you are with friends and family, or even people that is not related to you but you seem to kind of like them, time gets faster, that even four full hours tend to get by like just one. Can anybody explain that? What really happens to time during those moments?

I know time is a constant thing, never stretching or bending depending on a particular situation or event. Time doesn’t care for such things, and just chugs along at the same rate from the beginning up until the end, that is, if there is one. I sometimes think that when we’re having fun, that time smiles sneakily, and slips away so fast when we are not looking, and by the time we notice it again, it has gone very far already.

Musing aside, I am really disappointed with time for being so fast. Last time we were together, my daughter and I were discussing about making several pregnancy announcement ideas for her upcoming pregnancy, and that was a year ago. We love our daughter very much that even if it was a pain letting her go and live her life, it was her choice, and it was definitely natural for her to get married, as beautiful as she is, it was a blessing that she got to stay with us in our home for thirty years, before deciding to tie the proverbial knot.

Anyway, what brought us here again together was a family visit, and this time the husband and wife are now accompanied by their little precious bundle of joy. Adeline was a beautiful little girl, and she looks very much like her mother. She is sleeping now, which is good, because just a moment ago she was getting a mild case of hiccups. My daughter was getting alarmed about the newborn hiccups thing that Adeline was experiencing and was asking us if we knew of any way to cure it. We told her that when she was young, that she too was also prone to getting hiccups and that it was only natural for an infant to get one. In fact, babies getting hiccups is sometimes a good thing because it means that they are being well fed and such. It only sometimes gets scary because we are not used to seeing babies getting one.

We also told her that what she did earlier, of patting the baby’s back after feeding and letting her burp, was the right thing to do to get rid of hiccups. It is because of that excess air in the newborn’s diaphragm, which sometimes comes from too much sucking and swallowing of air that is the cause of hiccups, and removing that said air was therefore, its cure.

I’ll remember this day for posterity’s sake. I know we will never notice it but maybe the next time we look, Adeline will be very much bigger and grown. And who knows, maybe this time it will be her that is asking me for wedding invitation ideas. Time is that fast.

10 Ways to Prevent Infection when you Have Neutropenia

Because of the opportunity I had to travel the world, I also had the chance to meet people from different countries and walks of life. What fascinates me the most is to meet people who suffer from serious ailments but are still positive about life, in general. In particular, I was privileged to meet a person who was suffering from a unique condition called neutropenia. I was astonished at the fact that he has to be observing a series of precautions called neutropenic precautions just to keep him healthy. Such observance takes a lot of patience, but this man does not take it negatively.

Although neutropenia normally develops among those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, anyone can be affected by this condition. This is especially true among the elderly and people with an unhealthy lifestyle. A person with neutropenia is prone to all kinds of infection because of the relatively low level of infection-fighting white blood cells in their body called neutrophil.

Various online sources tell of different ways on how a neutropenic patient can avoid infections. I listed here 10 of the most basic ways to prevent infection:

1. Observe proper hand washing.

Good hygiene is very crucial for neutropenic patients. Aside from bathing regularly, frequent hand washing is also required. You have to wash your hands with soap and water as often as you can especially before eating, after touching dirty things, touching animals, blowing your nose, and using the bathroom. Bacteria are commonly spread through hand contact, and hand washing can prevent them from infecting you.

2. Keep away from people with infections.

Some diseases are contagious and can be spread through personal contact. Stay away from people with infectious diseases such as flu, measles and others to avoid getting infected. Also avoid going to crowded places and visiting hospitals where you could also contract these diseases. If you are in a public place, avoid contact with public surfaces such as door handles and hand rails. If you have to use or hold them, clean them with disinfectant wipes first.

3. Protect your skin.

Germs and bacteria can get inside your body through breaks in your skin. Be careful not to get scratches and cuts. If you have them, wash the area with soap and water and then cover it with a bandage.

4. Eat safe foods.

Certain foods are prohibited among neutropenic patients. These include undercooked and uncooked meat, fruits and vegetables. These are the foods you must avoid along with deli meats, raw milk and eggs, and products containing molds such as blue cheese. All other foods are safe to eat.

5. Brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth at least twice daily can fend off oral infections. Your doctor may also recommend using a mouthwash for preventing mouth sores.

6. Be careful about getting a vaccine.

If your doctor recommends it, you may get vaccines for certain ailments such as flu. However, some vaccines may not be suitable for neutropenia patients, specifically those that contain live viruses. Before getting any vaccine shot, you must consult your doctor first.

7. Avoid people who just got vaccinated.

Contact with children and adults who just got their shot of vaccine puts you at risk of developing the disease they were vaccinated for. So avoid contact with them for now.

8. Don’t pick up your pet’s mess.

If you have a pet at home, have someone pick up their waste or clean the litter box for you to avoid bacterial infection from pet waste.

9. Avoid contact with plants.

Live plants and fresh flowers generally have germs from the soil and water. These germs can go to you if you come in contact with these germs.

10. Take medications.

It is also important to take medications prescribed by your doctor for reducing your risk of infection.

If you have a neutropenia or you know someone who is suffering from this condition, it will help them if you could also share this information.