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Start Living

I have always been fascinated with all of God’s wonderful creations. From the lowliest of insects to the largest of mammals, every single one of them I adore. How life itself would really be without all of them around and co-existing with us. Certainly it would be a bore and quite different from what you and I have come to know.

Imagine the bees, such little creatures never seen around quite often and never appreciated for the work they are doing. Did you know that without them, flowers and plants will be hard put growing and reproducing themselves? You might think that “so what is it to me if they do not reproduce”. Well several studies have been done about that and all conclusions point to the fact that if the bees are gone, in one point or another, human kind will be sure to follow their demise afterwards.

Everything in this world has a purpose, each and every single one of them. If anything foreign suddenly pops up in your otherwise dreary life, you can be sure they are there for a reason. Never cut short the being of anything you don’t recognize. Appreciate them for all their worth.

A mean looking red ant suddenly crosses your way and you are driven by the desire to squash it mightily under your feet, a bird chirping uncontrollably near your window, bothering you from your monotony and calling you out, the cat purring between your legs longing for your attention, or the ever loyal dog that is always there, each and every one of them there for a reason. You just have to sift through all the static of daily life and you will find it.

I have always been searching for the reason for everything. Why are they here or why I am here? We are like them in many ways and their problem quickly becomes ours if we are not careful. We all live in the same planet hurtling through space, never knowing where we are going and never knowing why.

So what can we do as human beings? Well the answer to that I honestly don’t know. Maybe we just put everything to trust and to faith, and hope that everything would be just fine. Sometimes it’s better to never really know why and to just appreciate what is already here.

Me, I just console myself with the fact that I’m still here, although a little old in days and a little wise from experience, with my magnificently old camera and best travel tripod in tow, and everything and anything as my subject. I am happy just like that.

You really cannot have everything in this world and whatever you take, you cannot bring with you after your life. So maybe make the most out of your time and appreciate everything there is to appreciate as time really is short for all of us. Live life the way you know how and rest in the fact that there is more to come. Just believe.