Finding Fun and Unique Activities for Kids

I have been observing kids through the lens for most of my life. One thing I’ve discovered is that children love having fun. They also love exploring themselves and discovering new things. Anything that’s fun will do and, will surely keep them busy. Otherwise, they’ll be busy wrecking havoc. As a parent, you might want to find unique and fun activities for your kids to engage in. but how does an activity qualify as fun and unique. Here are some tips.

paintingConsider your child’s age

As children grow, they tend to shift their focus from one activity to another. For example, a toddler might be interested in artwork such as my little pony coloring pages. As he grows older, he shifts his focus to toys and mind challenging games. I have observed this in my kids and, by considering age, I was able to find unique activities for my children.

Your engagement

Besides being a parent, I was also my children’s first best friend. They relied on me to be there and share the fun with them. Whether they were painting or playing ball, my presence gave them assurance and confidence. I always ensured to be part of my kids fun activities especially when they were young. I didn’t necessarily have to be active but giving credit for their efforts, my children had the confidence to continue having fun.

The educational part

Fun and unique activities for kids shouldn’t be only about enjoyment. It should also be a learning experience. As an art lover, I usually encouraged my kids to try out art. They loved it and learned a lot. A simple drawing enables your kids to develop cognitive and motor skills. In addition, the kids will get to earn about social skills as well as discover more about themselves.

The child’s interest

Kids are naturally curious about new and fun activities. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the child will be interested in any activity introduced to them. That said, its not recommended that you try and force and activity on your kids. Simply introduce them to a new activity, such as this, and watch how they respond.


How complex an activity is will determine whether your child will remain focused on it or not. Kids tend to get bored fast. This is especially so if the activity engaged in is too simple or complex. The key to selecting an activity that’s just right for your children is considering their age and level of motor and cognitive development. For example, a toddler will find crayon more interesting than paints for artwork. The reason for this is that a toddler’s motor and cognitive development hasn’t reached the stage whereby he can easily apply paint on canvas.

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