A Dog and a Child’s Friendship

Ever had a dog as your pet? I did once, when I was young. Have you ever heard of the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend?  Well, I must say, based on my experience, it’s true and more. A dog stays loyal to his master for a long time, unending, unconditional love. Doesn’t matter if you are fat, ugly, mean or whatever, he will love you.

I got him when he was still a little puppy, whimpering every time I touched him. I made a little cot for him to sleep him in, but always, as if it was his destiny, he trudged, with his little paws, back to me. Wherever I was, he will come to me. I don’t know if he was just cold or hungry, but he always comes for me. I never did like pets inside the house but his actions made me consider, melting my heart to the point of surrender every time he is near.

Growing up, we shared lots of time together. I always loved walking, and he was with me everywhere I go. Be it walks around the block or in the park, he was my constant companion. A quirk of his, is that ever wagging tail and hanging tongue, he was always thirsty, I don’t know, maybe the park’s humidity or his jumpy attitude makes him thirsty always. Yes, there was the occasional missing shoe and holes dug in the yard, but one sight of those soulful eyes makes everything forgiven. I used to share secrets with him, talking to him about everything under the sun which was always met with severe licking. He chases squirrels around a lot not managing to catch any one of them; maybe he was just playing around with the critters. For me, he was part of the family, a little brother, my best friend.

A dog’s life is short compared to us humans and they also get sick. Vets aren’t common and hard to come by back then, and he got terribly sick. Eventually his time did come, I was inconsolable. They said I cried for a whole week. I don’t want to remember those times. For me, he is still here, following me around. You can’t find words to describe a child losing a beloved pet, which he is very close to, you just can’t. And that must be the reason of my attitude towards pets today, especially dogs.

cute bichon poodleI like to just watch them nowadays, fascinated by the progress of breeding and training. The dogs of today are very far from the dogs of yesteryears. Wanted traits and characteristics are bred and cultivated among many a variety of breeds producing a dog which is intelligent, family oriented, easily trained or other combinations that the owner desires. I am partial to the poodle mixes particularly the bichon poodle variety. It’s a small dog that looks like the dog I had and is both caring and likes to please people around them, traits that my dog had.

Even though he is long gone, He is still my pet, even if it is only in my heart. I still love and miss him to this day.

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