About Me

Mike LevineGreetings! My name is Mike Levine. I was born and raised in Oregon. This is where I have been all my life. I cannot imagine living in another state or country. It is the best place for a nature lover like me. Growing up, I always have a fascination with nature. On my 15th birthday, my parents brought me my very first camera as my birthday gift. Ever since then, I fell in love with photography. During college, I studied arts and photography. I landed my first job as a nature photographer. I had the opportunity to travel all around the world to capture the beauty of nature. Now that I am retired, I spend my time with a non-profit organization called, “Save the birds.”  My main goal is the help people understand that animal and humans can live together in harmony. Let me know if you are interested in this organization and like to donate. Every single dollar helps and to preserve our natural habitat for generations to come.