Braces Came with the Camera

Do you want to know what my nickname was when I was young? It was Bucky. No, I was never near what Buck Rogers was and I don’t have any resemblance to him, neither was it referred to a moose, and how strong and virile I was. I got my Bucky alias because of my two large front teeth. They said it was so large, that you could see it a mile away, but I doubted that. It’s also good that the name Bucky stuck, as it was way better than being called Goofy or even Bugs Bunny.

My two large front teeth was never an issue with me or my family, my mother even said that they made me look more nice and adorable. She also said that people who were buck toothed are generally regarded as kind and trustworthy persons, and I believed her. I also never minded the teasing, what I did, was to tease them back and everything will be fine and dandy again. Childhood was much easier and simple back then than nowadays, as most of today’s children are prone to having an attitude of some kind, and the teasing today is so hard, that only a thin line separates it from being outright bullying.

It was on my fifteenth birthday that they sprung their question to me. They said that it would be better for me to have braces to straighten my teeth a little, as they were worried that my two large teeth might negatively affect my future. I asked them of whatever happened to me being nice and adorable? They only said that it was okay when I was little, but now that I am a bit grown up, that it is time to face reality. How could I say no to them, when I got my long dreamed of camera as my birthday gift? I felt a little bit cornered, but I also realized that they were right, as always.

Within a month after my birthday, it was off to the dentist for me, to get myself some shiny new braces. And after my initial consultation and measurement, the braces were put on after another week. It was weird at first, having all these metal things inside your mouth, and they taste funny too. The first day with the braces was kind of painful, and my mother gave me analgesics every four hours, for tooth pain relief. After the initial week, everything was smooth sailing. All in all, I think it took me only three years to correct my teeth.

I never recalled any bad experience from wearing braces. I was sort of expecting my friends to tease me about them, but they did not really get into it, besides the first day of me wearing them. The only untoward incident I remember happening, was the time I swallowed that blue thing that is put between the teeth. I think they were either called as orthodontic spacers or spacers for braces or something, but it was really no big deal as I saw it floating, I’ll never tell you where, the next day.

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