Fleeting Time

Time goes by really fast, especially when one is having fun and is around loved ones. Yep that’s a very popular cliché, but also a very true one. Do you ever notice, that when you are around people that you don’t like, time seems to stretch itself out, and a simple hour seems to last for several, but when you are with friends and family, or even people that is not related to you but you seem to kind of like them, time gets faster, that even four full hours tend to get by like just one. Can anybody explain that? What really happens to time during those moments?

I know time is a constant thing, never stretching or bending depending on a particular situation or event. Time doesn’t care for such things, and just chugs along at the same rate from the beginning up until the end, that is, if there is one. I sometimes think that when we’re having fun, that time smiles sneakily, and slips away so fast when we are not looking, and by the time we notice it again, it has gone very far already.

Musing aside, I am really disappointed with time for being so fast. Last time we were together, my daughter and I were discussing about making several pregnancy announcement ideas for her upcoming pregnancy, and that was a year ago. We love our daughter very much that even if it was a pain letting her go and live her life, it was her choice, and it was definitely natural for her to get married, as beautiful as she is, it was a blessing that she got to stay with us in our home for thirty years, before deciding to tie the proverbial knot.

Anyway, what brought us here again together was a family visit, and this time the husband and wife are now accompanied by their little precious bundle of joy. Adeline was a beautiful little girl, and she looks very much like her mother. She is sleeping now, which is good, because just a moment ago she was getting a mild case of hiccups. My daughter was getting alarmed about the newborn hiccups thing that Adeline was experiencing and was asking us if we knew of any way to cure it. We told her that when she was young, that she too was also prone to getting hiccups and that it was only natural for an infant to get one. In fact, babies getting hiccups is sometimes a good thing because it means that they are being well fed and such. It only sometimes gets scary because we are not used to seeing babies getting one.

We also told her that what she did earlier, of patting the baby’s back after feeding and letting her burp, was the right thing to do to get rid of hiccups. It is because of that excess air in the newborn’s diaphragm, which sometimes comes from too much sucking and swallowing of air that is the cause of hiccups, and removing that said air was therefore, its cure.

I’ll remember this day for posterity’s sake. I know we will never notice it but maybe the next time we look, Adeline will be very much bigger and grown. And who knows, maybe this time it will be her that is asking me for wedding invitation ideas. Time is that fast.

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