Funny Tasting Water

I have been on the market lately for a much needed water purifying system to use at home. Of course it has to be totally dependable, easy to use, not too expensive, and of course it has to fit under my sink. I am searching for such a thing as I have been noticing several changes in the quality of water that has been flowing out our tap these couple of days. One can’t really be too sure when it comes to drinking water.

It first happened last week when I came home from the mall after I bought the best lightweight luggage of my dreams. I have been pondering of traveling lately and what better way to prepare for it than to buy the best thing associated with traveling, but enough about that. So I came home from the mall a little bit thirsty. Grabbed a glass and went to the tap for some much needed drink.

Heck, I could have sworn somebody put toothpaste on the faucet as it tasted very much like it. I know our drinking water here in America is thoroughly fluoridated at the water plant but this is too much.

This afternoon it happened again as I tasted something entirely different but very familiar. I guess it was something close to the chlorine they put in swimming pools and it smelled of it too. I have drank my share of pool water during my time so I know how it tasted and this one comes very close to it. What are the people at the water plant doing? Are they working drunk or something?

Well enough is enough already and I thought of doing something about it, which brings me to my current dilemma of finding which of the water filtration systems available in the market best suits me. I have read a bit about it on the internet and the general consensus of the best filtration system among many people is with reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is explained as a kind of water purification technology which uses porous semi-permeable membranes to filter out discernible particles from water. It uses water pressure to trump up the osmotic pressure present in water. So basically it forces the water into several types of membranes to clear any impurities contained in it which is always fine by me. Heck they even use it to make clean water from sea water so it must really be that powerful of a process.

So the only thing now left to consider is which product to buy among the myriads of choices available on the internet today, and also if they do shipping and stuff. Hopefully the one I choose has a center near here so it would not be much of a hassle getting it.

Well I have to settle for bottled water for the mean time just to be sure and temporarily use tap water only for cleaning and watering the plants. Heck if only the people in the water plant done their job efficiently then none of these things would’ve happened. Or is it just me?

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