Having Skin Tears is a Very Painful Thing

After asthma, the thing I am most worried about regarding my health, are skin tears. At the age I am already in, skin tears are very prevalent and common that even the simple bumping into any inanimate objects can cause them. Even scratching itchy bumps like my pimples under the skin, for more about it click here, which are also common to anyone past a certain age, and also not a good idea to scratch at, can become a dangerous precedence for a skin tear to form.

Skin tears are defined as distressing injuries which results in the separation of the skin from several layers, and is oftentimes caused by friction, shearing and direct trauma to it, causing separation between the dermis and its underlying structures. Skin tears are common for both the elderly and infants, who both have fragile skin that are easily broken, and can occur in any place of the body, but are observed to be more usual to the hands and other extremities.

Those two words, when put together can usher you into a world of terrible pain, believe me as I had the chance to experience it firsthand. It happened last summer, while I was readying up to go take my daily walks around the nearby park, and was so unexpected, that I had to see the blood drip before realizing I had the injury.

I was holding my jug on my left hand and my camera on the other, as I was planning to take pictures of an unfamiliar bird that I saw yesterday, flying around in the trees in the park. Having no freehand available to keep the door ajar, I used my forehand to gently push it open. It kind of felt like my arm was stuck with glue to the door, and as I try to remove it, I felt a wet feeling in the area. I did not really mind it and just went on my way, only to be stopped by my next door neighbor who was watering his lawn at the time. He was pointing wide eyed at my arm and almost screaming my name. And then I saw it, and I immediately felt light headed from so much blood.

I was diagnosed with a Category 1 skin tear by the doctor, meaning it is of the linear type and also does not include any tissue loss, but boy was it a big wound. I expected it to be sewn up or something but the doctor did not do it. He instead applied tissue glue in between the two flaps of skin, and covered the area with a sort of fiber dressing that contains anti-microbial agents. Tubular bandages were then placed on either end of the dressing for support, and also to make sure that the bandage remains in place.

You can still see the remnants of the wound on my forearm today, and it serves as a reminder for me that I need to be careful all the time. Now I always aim to moisturize my skin daily through the use of the lotion prescribed by the doctor. I also take in several nutritional supplements, to help maintain the elasticity of my skin and to lessen the risk of it breaking. Believe me you do not want to experience what I have gone through that time.

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