Healing Asthma the Natural Way

You know what I don’t really like about spring? It is the annual release of pollen by all types of trees, grasses, shrubs and almost all the members of the plant family while we’re at it. I profess my annoyance to them with every wheezing breath I perform during the times that I have the unlucky chance of inhaling them.

Spring is the time when all manner of plant life shoots out pollen to perpetuate their ilk. I know it is generally a good thing, as we cannot live in this world without plants and pollen alike, but they sometimes do harm, especially to people like me who are allergic to them. It is quite a miracle for me to have flourished with my job, as both a nature photographer and bird lover alike, that I am still here, even with my aversion to anything pollen.

I start preparing for it in late winter when the ice begins its journey to become water again, and the trees start to show their sturdy barks. I load up on my very diverse regimen of anti-allergy home remedies for asthma to somehow build my resistance to the soon to be awoken airborne allergens.  You can find out more about home remedies for asthma on this website.

I have spent many years on prescription drugs and synthetic medicines to fight this condition, though only a mild form of asthma according to my doctors, I have become too dependent on these man-made marvels of medicine to cure my illness. It is only these past few years that I intentionally thought of facing the problem in a more natural way. With research, I discovered the potency of several food items with regards to their asthma fighting capabilities and also their efficacy in strengthening the body’s natural resistance to sickness.

For the incessant coughing and fluid in lungs that is caused by asthma, I have my trusty black pepper tea infused with honey and lemon that, when consumed regularly, also relieves clogged sinuses. Then there also are the things around the kitchen which are nondescript, but definitely reliable forms of natural remedy for asthma like chili peppers, onions and peppermint extracts, all of which contains, in varying degrees, anti-inflammatory properties that works well against the constriction of a person’s airways and also thins out the mucus produced during asthma attacks.

The caffeine in coffee has a bronchi-dilating effect on asthma sufferers, meaning it loosens up the constricted respiratory passages with the effect of enabling one to breathe much more freely. Other common beverages which are good against asthma are orange juices with their accompanying vitamin C, and yoghurt that contains vitamin B12 which can alleviate several symptoms of asthma.

All in all, these food items are great in fighting off and preventing the symptoms of asthma for me. Who would have known that they were this good against my illness? I definitely am very thankful, that I have made the change into natural forms of medicines. Gone are the days when I feel sleepy and dizzy from all the pills and capsules that I had to consume, and even now, I feel very energetic coming off winter as is opposed to back then, when I generally feel fear when winter is about to end. I would recommend these and other kinds of natural treatment to all asthma sufferers out there. If it worked wonders for me, it will also do so to you. It is time to make your change.

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