Keeping a List of Different Types of Birds Can be Fun to Put Together

Keeping a List of Different Types of Birds Can be Fun to Put Together


A listing of all of the different types of birds there are in the world would be an impossibly long one. Even a field book describing those birds most commonly found in North America is too long a list for anyone except the most dedicated birder to try to remember.


birdBirds are fun to watch, some are exceptionally beautiful, and a few sing beautiful songs. There are birds of prey, waterfowl, flightless birds, birds that make great pets, and so on. A person could spend a lifetime studying only one or two types of birds, hummingbirds as an example, or birds of prey.


Those That Visit Your Own Back Yard


If you insist on compiling a list of different types of birds, there is certainly no reason not too. Compiling such a list can add another dimension to the travels or vacations you take. If you live in an area where birds are in residence, or happen to visit from time to time, it might be fun to list and study the different types that frequent your backyard. It’s good to have a field guide to birds handy as there is always the new and unfamiliar type that may to pay you a visit.


Keep a log as to what birds visit your neighborhood at what time of the year. Some of these are apt to be migratory birds. You will rarely them see except in the spring or in the fall when they’re making their way from where they’ve been to where they’re going. A bird feeder, or a small pond or birdbath will often attract birds that otherwise might pass right on by. Word gets around among some of these types of birds. One day you’ll see one, a few days later you may see a couple of them, and a few days after that the entire flock comes to visit.


Most Are Welcome, a Few Are Less So


There are always those birds you wish would go somewhere else. Some are just too common. Others make a mess, or they are noisy. A few can be destructive, although most species are not. You can quickly become tired of starlings marching across your lawn. Robins are always welcome in the spring, but they can make a habit if building nests where you would rather they didn’t. They can be persistent and sometimes messy as well. Sparrows are common, but they can be fun to watch, and finches and hummingbirds can be a joy to have as visitors.


Those Rare Sightings that make Bird Watching Fun


Once in awhile you may be paid a visit by a special guest. One welcome guest is the Pileated woodpecker. These large and beautiful birds will sometimes pick a tree close by and will stay there for some time if you don’t raise a commotion. At other times you may see a flash of blue when a bluebird flies by. If you’re lucky it will pick out a perch and stay awhile. If you’re luckier still, it may take up residence in a birdhouse you’ve set out for just that occasion. Goldfinches also provide a fleeting splash of color. These little beauties don’t often spend too much time in the open, nor are they apt to get too close to you. Spotting a Red Cardinal is a very special treat if it is one of the species that is rarely seen in your area.


Hummingbirds will often venture quite close if you remain still or move slowly while they are going about their business. Just when it seems they are going to stay close by for a little longer, these small but seemingly fearless creatures will disappear at the speed of light, only to return shortly thereafter.


If you live in a suburban area or in a rural area, you are much more likely to see eagles, hawks, and a few of the other predatory birds. An exception is the peregrine falcon, which for some reason seems to enjoy city life and nesting in very tall buildings.


Backyard Species Are Not Suitable as Pets


Most of the birds you would see in your backyard would not be suitable as pets, although a few might become rather tame. There are some finches that will do just fine in a cage, but it would be a shame to keep hummingbirds, swallows, or any bird that loves to soar as a captive. Birds after all are wild animals. Some tropical birds, namely those in the parrot family, can be domesticated and will make fine pets. They are still wild animals however and are pets you generally don’t take outside unless their wings have been clipped. If they fly away they have a tendency not to come back, either because they find they are free, or they simply become lost.


Life Is Not Complete Without a Mystery Bird or Two


doveYou may not choose to ‘collect’ bird songs, but there is always the chance of a ‘mystery’ bird living nearby, a bird you often hear but never see. To find out what kind of a bird it is you may find yourself trying to replicate the sound so you can attempt to repeat it in front of an expert birder. Owls don’t count. Even if you may never see them you can usually recognize them by the sounds they make.

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