Little Dogs and Women


What is it about women and little dogs? They seem to enjoy each other’s company very much, as every time I see a little dog, that is being walked or carried around, it is always with a woman. It is very seldom that I see a woman walking a large dog like a Pit bull, Rottweiler or even just a Collie, not that they can handle it or anything, but still. My wife has a little dog too, Fiona, a Teacup Pomeranian, and she loves it very much, always taking it with her wherever she goes, be it the mall, in the salon when she gets her hair done, and even sleeping with it, to my eternal consternation.

Sometimes I tell my wife that she might get asthma from the dog or some other sickness, but it is seemingly heard on deaf ears. That is why I generally just leave them alone with each other, as I wouldn’t want to risk a misunderstanding with my wife, just because of a dog. I was also of the thought that she always let me do my thing, whatever it was, and never complains about it, so it was only fair that I let her do hers.

Anyway, it is a very affectionate dog, her Teacup Pomeranian. Always following her around wherever she goes and just slumps into a little pile at her feet, the times when my wife is sitting in front of the tube or just resting for the afternoon. Fiona is also very well taken cared of, as she has complete shots, a state requirement, and regularly has checkups with the vet, to make sure she never has any issues with common dog problems like parasites or dog ear infection, click here for more information. I can safely say that Fiona, in more ways than one, is healthier than me.

I love my wife very much, and also all the things about her. Fiona, being a sort of extension of hers, naturally gets my love too, although begrudgingly at first, but now that she is almost two years with us, I am beginning to like her. She also is warming up to me, I think, because when first she came into our lives, I’ve got nothing but angry growls from her. Sometimes I think dogs can understand humans and their emotions, and maybe Fiona feels I didn’t really like her at first, which was true, and reciprocated it, by also being always mad at me.

But we’re okay now and she even sits at my lap sometimes, particularly when I’m eating popcorn, which coincidentally was her favorite too. I just learned to look at it in a totally different way. The more time my wife spends with Fiona, means more time for me to do whatever I want, and less nagging too.

But what if I am really just jealous of that little dog, and just trying to justify things to hide what I am feeling? Or maybe, I just wanted my wife’s attention back? I don’t really know. Now I’m just being silly.

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