No Dieting for Me

scaleDieting is defined as the procedure of eating food in a controlled fashion to maintain, decrease and also to increase weight in an individual. Although dieting per se is synonymous to trimming down, it is not always about losing weight. It can also be a tool that is used in gaining it, like when you want to build up muscle mass or building a larger frame, and finally, also of maintaining weight, which is usually done for health or aesthetic reasons. In short, and for whatever purpose, dieting is a word used to describe how we eat food.

Dieting for weight loss is scientifically classified, according to various dissertations made about the topic, as temporary in nature. Long-term studies about dieting reveal that almost all of the individuals who have dieted regain whatever weight they lost in about two years, and with about two thirds of the study group even getting heavier than their starting weight. The same study indicated that dieting coupled with strenuous exercise makes the weight loss of an individual more lasting and easier to maintain. However, it is also noted that the mortality rate of people who practice fad or unhealthy dieting increased two fold.

Are you still with me? Well, what I really wanted to say is that dieting, for all its worth, is just that, a fad, a temporary solution. If you really wanted to lose weight, you got to sacrifice your way of life, you got to change the way you live, because that’s what made you fat in the first place. No 1000 calorie diet, South Beach Diet or Atkins Diet can help you, if you still do what you were used to doing prior to dieting. You can eat all the low carb vegetables you can get your hands into but still be fat. You see, it’s like this when you are dieting; You look at yourself and think that you are fat even though you are not, then you decide to do something about it and you go into a diet, you scale down on the foods that you eat or even completely skip a meal or two and you keep depriving your body for days on end. Your body responds by going into starvation mode and saves all of the energy it gets by shutting itself down. You get sleepy all the time and have no energy to do basic things; your mind starts to wander off as you easily lose concentration and suffer psychologically. You then go bat crazy and still continue on this path, you then suffer extreme consequences like depression, muscle atrophy, continuous physical fatigue, organ damage and ultimately, if you’re unlucky enough, you can die from it.

Why diet then? If it’s a very hard process and if you’re going to gain it again later, why must you endure the pain? I’ve been thinking about that too. Is it society that is to be blamed for this kind of thinking? Does anybody have an answer to my question?

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