Typical Signs of Pregnancy

Let me tell you a little story. Back in my days, the only way a woman can truly tell if she is really pregnant, is when her tummy was bulging, and is exhibiting several remarkable things, that only women who are pregnant typically displays. Yep that was all that is really needed, for one to be sure. No flimflams or hoo-has about it, they just waited for it to show. Now, if that bulge is caused by some other factors, or is even a kind of sickness, then they had a problem.

Today, Science removes all the guesswork and makes it possible to be really sure about pregnancy. From pregnancy test kits, that is very handy and does not need any kind of formal education to use, to the many kinds of Implantation Calculator, like this one here, that, more or less, even lets you know the exact day when your baby was originally created, and began its life on your womb. There are even ultrasounds today that tells you what the sex of your baby is, and even what your child looks like just by rubbing it against your belly and stuff. Oh how wonderful the things that science has given to us.

But the old adages pertaining to pregnancy still resonates today. What was called as” being pregnant” back then is now scientifically defined as “signs of implantation”, a more formal phrase, but is truly also the same thing. These typical symptoms of pregnancy are universal, and manifest it every time, and no matter what the situation is, they will occur.

Signs of Implantation examples are several things, first is the breast changes that occur when one is pregnant. The breast undergoes an expansion of sorts, and becomes sore and tender to the touch, they may even feel heavier and fuller, mainly because of the various hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

Another example of being pregnant is the onset of morning sickness, or the nausea that women suffer from when they are already expecting. Hormonal changes in the woman’s body are also responsible for this, and usually occur during the thirteenth to fourteenth week of pregnancy.

Other signs of pregnancy are the spotting or cramping that almost all women experience, when an egg is successfully fertilized in her womb. Fatigue also seems to always occur to pregnant people, due to the high level of progesterone that is being produced by her body. The frequent urination of a woman, coupled with dizziness, headaches and mood swings can also be attributed as a sign of pregnancy. And who would debate that the stopping of the monthly period, relates directly to a woman’s being pregnant?

All these things and more, point directly to a woman being pregnant, and it is such a thing of beauty, what pregnancy is. So if you are a woman, and you experience several, or all of the symptoms described here, chances are high that you are pregnant, and it is advised of you to have yourself checked, to make sure that the welfare of both you and the child you are carrying is taken cared of.

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